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Python programming plays main role in system admin thus learning python is very important for programming language for system engineers. Best Python training institute in Chennai will teach you to test automation to add productivity in your testing profile and to write test case script.  Best Python coaching institute in Chennai also cover starting and advanced courses with the help of Python libraries and frameworks for Deep Learning and Machine Learning.

Entering expressions into the interactive shell
The integer,floating -point,and string data types
String concatention and replication
Storing values in variables
Assignment statements
Variable names
Your first program
Dissecting your program
The print() function
The input() function
Printing the user’s name
The len() function
The str(),int(),aand float() function
Boolean values
Comparision operators
Boolean operators
Binary boolean operators
The not operator
Mixing boolean and comparision operators
Elements of flow control
Program execution
Flow control statements
if statements
else statements
elif statements
while loop statements
break statements
continue statements
for loop and rangel() function
importig modules
from import statements
Ending a program early with sysb.exit()
def statements with parameters
Return values and return statements
The non value
Keyword arguments and print()
Local and global scope
Local variables cannot be used in the globle scope
Local scopes cannot use variables in other local scopes
Global variables can be read from a local scope
Local and global variables with the same name
The global statements
Exeption handling
A short program :guess the number

The list data type
Getting individual values in list with indexes
Getting sublists with slices
Getting a list’s length with len()
Changing values in a list with indexes
List concatenation and list replication
Removing values from lists with del statements
Working with lists
Using for loop with lists
The in and not in operators
The multiple assignmemt trick
Augmented assignment operators
Finding a value in a list with index() method
Adding values to lists with the append() and insert() methods
Removing values from lists with remove()
Sorting the values in a list with the sort() method
Example program:magic 8 ball with a list
List-like types:strings and tuples
Mutable and immutable data types
The tuple data type
Converting types with the list() and tuple() functions
Passing references
The copy module’s copy() and deepcopy() functions\
The dictionary data type
dictionaries vs.lists
The keys(),values(),and items(),methods
Checking whether a key or value exists in a dictionary
The get() method
The set default() method
Pretty printing
Using data structures to model real-world things
A tic-tac-toe board
Nested dictionaries and lists

Working with strings
String literals
Indexing and slicing strings
The in and not in operators with strings
Use string methods
The upper(),lower(),isupper,and islower() string methods
The isx string methods
The startswith() and endswith() string methods
The join() and split() string methods
Justifying text with rjust(),ljust(),and center()
Removing whitespace with strip(),rstrip(),and lstrip()
Copying and pasting strings with the pyperclip module
Project:password locker
Step 1:program design and data structures
Step 2:handle command line arguments
Step 3:copy the right password
Project:adding bullets to wiki markup


Finding patterns of text without regular expressions
Findng patterns of text with regular expressions
Creating regex objects
Matching regex objects
Review of regular expressions matching
More pattern matching with regular expressions
Grouping with parantheses
Matching multiple groups with the pipe
Optional matching with the question mark
Matching zero or more with the star
Matching one or more with the plus
Matching specific repetations with curly brackets
Greedy and Nongreedy matching
The findall() method
Character classes
Matching your own character classes
The caret and dollar sign characters
The wildcard character
Matching everything with dot -star
Matching newlines with the dot character
Review of regex symbols
Case -insenstive matching
Substituting strings with the sub() method
Managing complex regexes
combining re.IGNORECASE ,re.DOTALL,and re.VERBOSE
Project :phone number and email address extracter
Step 1:create a regex for phone numbers
Step 2:create a regex for email addresses
Step 3:find all matches in the clpiboard text
Step 4:join the matches into a string for the clipboard
Running the program
ideas for similar programs

Files and file path
Backslash on windows and forward slash on OS X and linux
The current working directory
Absolute vs.relative paths
creating new folders with os.makedirs()
The os.path module
Handling absolute and relative paths
Checking path validity
The file reading /writing process
Opening files with the open() function
Reading the contents of files
Writing to files
Saving variables with the shelve module
Saving variables with the pprint.pformat() function
Project:generating random quiz files
Step 1:store the quiz data in a dictionary
Step 2:create the quiz file and shuffle the question order
Step 3:create the answer optional
Step 4:write content to the quiz and answer key files
Step 1:comments and shelf setup
Step 2:save clipboard content with a keyboard
Step 3:list keywords and load a keyword’s content

The shutil module
Copying files and folders
Moving and renaming files and folders
Permanently deleting files and folders
Safe deletes with the send2trash module
Walking a directory tree
Compressing files with the zipfile module
Reading zip files
Extracting from zip files
Creating and adding to zip files
Project:renaming files with american -style dates to european-style dates
Step 1:create a regex for american-style dates
Step 2:identify the date parts from the filenames
Step 3:form the new filename and rename the files ideas for similar programs
Project:backing up a folder into a zip files
Step 1:figure out the zip files name
Step 2:create the new zip files
Step 3:walk the directory tree and add to the zip file
Ideas for similar programs

Raising exceptions
Getting the trackback as a string
Using an assertion in a traffic light simulation
Using the logging module
Don’t debug with print()
Logging levels
Disabling logging
Loggint to a file
IDLE’S debugger
Debugging a number adding program

11.WEB SCRAPING: with the webbrowser module
Step 1:figure out the URL
Step 2:handle the command line arguments
Step 3:handle the clipboard content and launch the browser ideas for similar programs
Downloading files from the web with the requests .get() function
Checking for errors
Saving downloaded files to the hand drive
Resource for learning HTML
A quick refresher
Viewing the source HTML of a web page
Opening your browser’s developer tools
Using the developer tools to find HTML elements
Parsing HTML with the beautifulsoup module
Creating a beautifulsoup object from HTML
Finding an element with the select () method
Getting data from an elements attributes
Project:”I m feeling lucky “google search
Step 1:get the command line arguments and request the search pages
Step 2:find all the ressults
Step 3:open web browsers for each results
Ideas for similar program
Project :downloading all XKCD comics
Step 1:design the programs
Step 2:download the web page
Step 3:find and download the comic image
Step 4:save the image and find the previous comic
Ideas for similar programs
Controlling the browser with the selenium module
Starting a selenium-controlled browser
Clicking the page
Filling out and submitting forms
Sending special keys
Clicking browser buttons
More information on selenium

Excel documents
Installing the openpyxl module
Reading excel documents
Opening excel documents with openpyxl
Getting sheets from the workbook
Getting shells from the sheets
Converting between columns letters and numbers
Getting rows and columns from the sheets
Project:reading data from a spreadsheet
Step 1:Read the spreadsheet data
Step 2:Populate the data structure
Step 3:write the results to a file
Ideas for similar programs
Writing excel documents
Creating and saving excel documents
Creating and removing sheets
Writing values to cells
Project:updating a spreadsheet
Step 1:set up a data structure with the update information
Step 2:check all rows and update incorrect prices
Ideas for similar programs
Setting the font style of cells
Font objects
Adjusting rows and columns width
Merging and unmerging cells
Freeze panes

PDF documents
Extracting text from PDFs
Decrypting PDFs
Creating PDFs
Project:combining select pages from many PDFs
Step 1:find all PDF files
Step 2:open each PDF
Step 3:add each page
Step 4:save the results
Ideas for similar programs
Word documents
Reading word documents
Getting the full text from a.docx file
Styling paragraph and run objects
Creating word documents with nondefault styles
Run attributes
Writing word documents
Adding headings
Adding line and page breaks
Adding pictures

The csv module
Reader objects
Reading data from reader objects in a for loop
Writer objects
The delimiter and lineterminator keyword arguments
Project:removing the header from CSV files
Step 1:loop through each CSV files
Step 2:write out the CSV file without the first row
Ideas for similar programs
The JSON with the loads()function
Writing JSON with the dumps function
Project:fetching current weather data
Step 1:get location from the command line argument
Step 2:download the JSON
Step 3:load JSON data and print weather
Ideas for similar programs

The time module
The time.time() function
The time.sleep() function
Rounding numbers
Project:super stopwatch
Step 1:set up the program to track times
Step 2:track and print lap times
Ideas for similar programs
The datetime Module
The timedelta data type
Pausing until a specific date
Converting datetime objects into strings
Converting strings into datetime objects
Review of python’s time functions
Passing arguments to the thread’s target function
Concurrency issues
Project:multithreaded XKCD downloader
Step 1:modify the program to use a function
Step 2:create and starts threads to end
Step 3:wait for all threads to end
Launching other programs from python
Passing command line arguments to popen()
Task scheduler,lauchd and cron
Opening websites with python
Running other python scripts
Opening files with default applications
Project:simple countdown program
Step 1:count down
Step 2:Play the sound file
Ideas for similar programs

Sending email
Connecting to an SMTP server
Sending the SMTP “HELLO” message
Starting TLS encrypting
Logging in to the SMTP server
Sending an email
Disconnecting from the SMTP server
retrieving and deleting emails with IMAP
Connecting to an IMAP server
Logging in to the IMAP server
Searching for email
Fetching an email and marking it as read
Getting email addresses from a raw message
Getting the body from a raw message
Deleting emails
Disconnecting from the IMAP server
Project :sending member dues reminder emails
Step 1:open the excel file
Step 2:find all unpaid members
Step 3:send customized email reminder
Sending text messages with twilio
Signing up for a twilio account
Sending text messages
Project :”JUST TEXT ME “module

Computer image fundamentals
Colors and RGBA values
Coordinate and box tuples
Manipulating images with pillow
Working with the image data type
Cropping images
Copying and pasting images onto other images
Resizing an image
Rotating and flipping images
Changing individual pixels
Project:adding a logo
Step 1:open the logo image
Step 2:loop over all files and open images
Step 3:Resize the images
Step 4:add the logo and save the changes
Ideas for similar programs
Drawing on images
Drawing shapes
Drawing text

Installing the pyautogui module
Staying the track
Shutting down everything by logging out
Pauses and Fail-safes
Controlling mouse movement
Moving the mouse
Getting the mouse position
Project .”whether is the mouse right now?
Step 1:import the module
Step 2:set up the quit code and infinite loop
Step 3:get and print the mouse condition
Controlling mouse interaction
Clicking the mouse
Dragging the mouse
Scrolling the mouse
Working with the screen
Getting a screeshot
Analyzing the screenshot
Project:extending the mouse now program
Image recognition
Controlling the keyboard
Sending a string from the keyboard
Key names
Pressing and releasing the keyboard
Hotkey combination
Review of the PyAutoGUI functions
Project:automatic form filter
Step 1:figure out the steps
Step 2:set up coordinate
Step 3:start typing data
Step 4:handle select lists and radio buttons
Step 5:submit the form and wait

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