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Direct Support From TensorFlow for Raspberry PI

TensorFlow artificial intelligence framework is coming to Raspberry Pi. The developers were able to take advantage of the Tensor Flow in numerous ways to develop deep learning models and finally, the developers at Google were finally able to port the Tensorflow to Raspberry PI to develop the models on cheap hardware to perform things like image classification.

Tensorflow AI can be used with Windows, Android and macOS but it would be difficult to find cheaper hardware than a Raspberry PI to run the ML framework.

The latest release of the TensorFlow framework will be straightforward for the developers who are using Python as they can directly download the binaries from PIP from their Raspberry Pi and the users who are using the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Debian Stretch can directly installed the TensorFlow in their machines with two commands.

Raspberry PI has total sales of 14 million units last year which explains the popularity of the developer board. The founder of the Raspberry PI Even Upton said that it is going to change how we develop the ML models.

Now an average developer can build a self-driving toy car or a mini Mars rovers with way less cost than the actual price to build a self-driving mars mini-rover.


It is vital that a modern computing education covers fundamentals and forward-looking topics,” said Upton.

With this in mind, we’re very excited to be working with Google to bring TensorFlow machine learning to the Raspberry Pi platform. We’re looking forward to seeing what fun applications kids (of all ages) create with it.”

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